This year’s conference offers the following formats for submissions:


Debate papers are 8-page academic papers that debate two to three contrasting perspectives with authors taking one side or the other in the paper and in the presentation. Debate papers are similar to academic papers (see below), but the focus is on debating an issue with well-supported arguments for each side. During the session, each participant will present his/her argument and debate with the co-author(s) for 15 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion with the audience.

Academic papers

Academic papers are full-length papers (max 8 pages) that seek to theoretically or empirically examine one of the five sub-themes. These types of papers should be original, have a robust literature review and well-grounded theoretical underpinnings; provide appropriate, valid and well-executed empirical analyses and findings and a compelling conclusion.

Practice-based papers

Practice-based papers are full-length papers (max 8 pages) that provide original research that investigate phenomena in order to gain new knowledge by means of practice and the outcomes of practice. These types of articles should position the practice in contemporary business education literature, describe the practice in detail, investigate the practice empirically and provide some key implications for business and economics educators.


Workshops are one and a half hour sessions (which may be accompanied by a short paper of 4 pages) that focus on business education and practice. Workshop facilitators must leverage the knowledge of the participants, and participants will learn from both the facilitator and from other participants. For this year’s conference, workshops should focus on facilitating a discussion that focuses on contributions of business and economics education to social innovation (see Conference Tracks).