Submitting your abstract

The maximum number of words for your abstract is 1000 (excluding references). See Types of submissions for more information.

Abstract submission deadline: *NOW CLOSED* to 15 February 2017

Full paper submission deadline: *NOW EXTENDED* to 26 April 2017

In order to be included in the printed conference proceedings, you must submit a full paper.  Full papers can be long (8 pages) or short (4 pages) depending on the type of paper/presentation you will be giving at the conference.

Download the Abstract and Paper Guidelines for more information and guidance.

You should submit your full paper using the EDiNEB Conference System at

If you have any questions on your full paper submission, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Daly, EDiNEB General Director and Content Manager at

See Types of submissions for more information on this year’s paper and presentation formats.