EDiNEB publishes an annual book series – Advances in Business Education and Training – to foster advancement in the field of Business Education and Training and to serve as an international forum for scholarly and state-of-the-art research and development in related areas. The book series carries empirical studies and also stimulates theoretical discussions, addresses practical implications, and reviews important developments in the field.

The editors welcome contributions in which a line of reasoning is illustrated with experiments, design-based studies, best practices, and theory development. In addition, the editors encourage submission of new ideas for business education and training, i.e. papers that are not necessarily empirical in nature, but describe interesting new educational tools, approaches or solutions.

The book series will accept articles on topics such as:

  • the design of learning methods (e.g., project-based learning, action learning, problem-based learning),
  • research on learning (student learning, motivation, assessment, learning outcomes),
  • staff development,
  • curriculum design (e.g., curricular comparisons, program evaluation),
  • professional development (e.g., expertise development, executive education, training and development), and
  • links between business education and the corporate world (e.g., alliances, integration of work experience and workplace learning).

The book series is written for all those committed to the improvement of business education, training and development; educational researchers and educators or trainers in the fields of business, management, accounting, economics and related disciplines.

For titles in this series, see our Publications List.

To submit an article for consideration, please contact info@edineb.org.